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We design portfolios to manage risk in an impactful way.

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Jason C. Hilliard, J.D. Photo

Jason C. Hilliard, J.D.

President & Chief Investment Officer

Jason has been involved in the financial markets since 1997, which started at the Chicago Board of Trade in the 30-year bond pit. Jason observed and was coached by world class bond traders. What started as an itch became an obsession. Throughout the years to come Jason was driven to become a top investor in the financial markets. Jason knew he could provide clients a better service and investment strategy for a more reasonable cost than was currently provided in the market.  In 2011, Jason decided to fuse his educational background as an attorney with his practical experience as a professional trader and investor in order to tackle this issue. Forecast Capital Management was established in 2013 and is the culmination of his prior experiences. Forecast Capital Management provides clients with the richest fabric of technology tools intertwined with individualized investment strategies that pose the most positive impact for a client. In addition, after practicing law Jason started a fitness company in Denver, Colorado. It was during this time that Jason realized that he wanted to create a very unique investment firm. His intent was to provide his clients with maximum control of their time while sustaining or increasing personal income levels thus freeing more time for other endeavors. Jason also believes that by leading a healthy, active lifestyle his clients can increase their longevity to pursue an overall better quality of life. Thus, Forecast Capital Management was born to provide something more for clients. Our goal is not only to provide each and every one of our clients with the best investment strategies once only available to the ultra high net worth, but to also help them create the best quality of life.

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