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A Blueprint for simple and effective portfolio design.

What you will learn in this free e-book?


Learn how to mix assets with uncorrelated returns in order to create effective diversification in your portfolio.


Think of rebalancing as the only effective method of market timing that allows for increased long-term return while reducing risk.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation accounts for most of the difference in performance among money managers. Believe it or not, effective asset allocation isn't that hard to do.

Fees & Taxes

Know the potholes to look out for when deciding which investment vehicles to use within your portfolio.

Value Averaging

Many people use Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) versus Value Averaging (VA). There are significant differences in each of these methods, although both are beneficial.

The Power of 4 & 72

Figuring out how much you need for retirement can be a headache and lengthly process. If you understand these concepts, reaching your retirement goals will a much more confident journey.

About the Author

Jason C. Hilliard, J.D. is the President and Chief Investment Officer at Forecast Capital Management. Jason has been involved in the financial markets for two decades, which started at the Chicago Board of Trade in the 30-year bond pit. He was coached by some of the most successful bond traders at the time. Jason has been quoted in major publications and books including Bloomberg, Infusionsoft, and Wall Street Kitchen by Victor Chiu.

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