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FCM Investment Solutions

Global Macro Strategy


To seek positive absolute returns. This strategy is available for defensive, conservative, moderate, aggressive, and speculative investors.


Access to alternative investment strategies. Our Global Macro strategy delivers an active multi-asset long/short strategy using ETFs and options. This provides investors access to strategies once only available to the ultra high net worth.


The Global Macro strategy invests in a wide spectrum of assets across multiple geographies based on the manager's evaluation of macroeconomic developments. The strategy seeks to generate returns that are uncorrelated to traditional asset classes, which can increase a portfolio's diversification.

Management Style

Our Global Macro strategy's core investment philosophy is rooted in the insight that financial markets tend to underreact or fail to see large macro economic shifts early in their development. The Fund seeks to take advantage of this tendency by investing across liquid markets on the basis of these large macro economic trend changes.

Our research suggests that, on a technical basis, momentum almost always leads price. Momentum usually breaks out into a new trend before price provides any insight. More often than not, momentum will develop much clearer and more objective trend-defining structures than will the price action. Additionally, our global macro strategy incorporates (but is not limited to) fundamental analysis such as economic growth, inflation, monetary and fiscal policy, international trade, macroeconomic sentiment, and credit conditions.

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Our approach to investing is centered around intelligent, low-cost, safety-first, global macro asset allocation. Our Global Macro strategy is a long-term market neutral strategy that seeks to deliver positive returns with low correlation to traditional or alternative investments. We look for opportunities around the world investing in assets that provide outstanding value to our clients while minimizing risk. We base our security selection on factors that are associated with higher returns for a given economic environment. We look at certain economic attributes in order to determine whether securities will move in the same direction and adjust our investments to reduce this risk. We do not time the market and we do not buy and hold, but we may be long or short certain assets for capital appreciation and protection purposes.

The fund invests globally across a wide range of asset classes including equities, fixed income, currencies, and commodities, and may take both long and short positions in each of the asset classes and individual instruments. The Fund has the flexibility to shift its allocation across asset classes and markets around the world, based on their relative attractiveness (and momentum).

Summary Details:

*Minimum Investment $50,000
*Tactical Investment Approach
*Managed by Jason C. Hilliard, J.D.
*Inception Date: 09/2013