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How are you doing?

My name is Jason Hilliard.

I'm a 43-year-old entrepreneur, husband, and father from Chicago.

Here's a quick overview of my track record.

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Jason C. Hilliard, J.D. Photo

Jason C. Hilliard, J.D.

CEO & Managing Director

When I was 18, I was introduced to the financial markets and hired as a clerk for a large 30-year bond trader at the Chicago Board of Trade.

When I was 21, I attempted to open a restaurant in Boulder, Colorado. Unfortunately, it never opened and failed before it had a chance to succeed.

When I was 22, I became the youngest independent futures trader at the Chicago Board of Trade. After 5 years of successful trading, I blew out and left the trading world to pursue a degree in law.

Two years after I graduated from law school, I started a law firm. After a year of operation, I sold it. Law wasn't for me.

When I was 31, I started a fitness gym called York Street CrossFit. It was my FIRST REAL SUCCESS. It taught me what it takes to run a successful business.

In 2013, with the support of my family I started Forecast Capital Management.

Over time, I was able to learn from my past mistakes and experiences. 

Knowing exactly how rocky my journey was, how many mistakes I made, it provided me insight into what it takes to build a successful practice. 

After years and years of trial and error, I have the confidence to say that we provide our clients with the best, most cost-effective investment strategy out there today. 

Our Quantitative and Fundamental analysis is our way to create a sustainable edge in today's financial markets.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to work with a firm that has their best interests in mind. Here's how we deliver outstanding service to our clients.

  1. We overcome high fees and simplify investment management by keeping our investment strategy in-house and implementing our Global Macro Process.
  2. We overcome problems with transparency common to the industry by providing clients with deep insight into what they pay, why they pay it, and what they get in return.
  3. We overcome client servicing obstacles and promote trust by providing a constant flow of actionable insight and advice along with monthly and quarterly check-ins.
  4. We have a unique investment management process where we push forward with and implement new ideas and new approaches to provide investors with a sustainable edge. 
  5. We overcome the common belief that advisors do not place the client's best interests first by being held to a higher fiduciary standard.

Let today mark a major turning point in your journey as an investor!


 Jason C. Hilliard

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