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My name is Michael pistilli.

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Michael Pistilli, CFP Photo

Michael Pistilli, CFP

Chief Financial Planner

Michael Pistilli graduated from the University of Puget Sound with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and a double minor in Business and Chinese Mandarin. He also lived, studied, and worked in Shanghai, China at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (上海财经大学; pinyin: Shànghǎi Cáijīng Dàxué). 

Michael continued his education by receiving the formal designation of a Certified Financial Planner from the University of California, Berkeley. This highly respected title is one of the most difficult and stringent processes in the financial industry and verifies mastery in investment planning, insurance, tax planning, retirement planning and estate planning. The most important aspect of becoming a CFP is the fiduciary duty requirements, meaning all financial decisions must be made with their client's best interests in mind.

Prior to working for Forecast Capital Management, Michael worked for Charles Schwab from 2018-2021. He started in their Financial Consultant Academy building his knowledge of the stock market and helping clients with their basic financial concerns. With a promotion to Associate Financial Consultant, Michael coordinated with current and prospective branch clients, developing relationships to understand their goals and objectives and to uncover additional financial needs.

Growing up, Michael was an avid hockey and tennis player. This passion led him toward coaching and eventually to building his own business as a private tennis coach throughout his college years. His clientele, ranging from ages 5-65 grew quickly through personal referrals. By creating strategic plans for his clients, he was able to provide the specific direction needed to meet each of their individual goals. Michael continues to bring this level of personalized services to his clients today.

Michael lives with his wife, Lilly, and their dog Winston in Silverthorn, Colorado. He enjoys hockey, tennis, skiing, cooking and the ability to pursue a career that he is passionate about.

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