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Educate. Invest. Strategize.


At Forecast Capital Management, we know that there is always room for improvement and we continuously strive to become better at everything we do for our clients. We are extremely passionate about the financial markets, which translates into an exceptional experience for our clients. As a privately held firm, we use independent research to identify unique investment opportunities for our clients. At Forecast, our approach to investing is centered around a multi-factor, multi-durational risk management model, which goes further than your traditional asset allocation strategy.


To educate, invest, and strategize alongside our clients to reach every milestone of their journey through life and beyond.

Looking For An Investment Manager?

We manage money for families, philanthropic organizations, individuals, and companies. Give us a call and let's chat!


We aim to create a firm that clients can all take pride in. The first way to do that is to provide clients with outstanding service and long-term results. Our purpose is to provide clients with the best hedge fund strategy for consistent, long-term gains. 


We think about the investment world and investment management differently. We are dedicated to creating a forward-thinking, progressive firm where clients are the strongest asset and advocate. Leveraging our creativity with technology to constantly improve upon our services and strategies is our difference. We want clients to be a part of something great and we strive everyday to live up to that intention.

Services We Provide


Our team can manage a number of qualified retirement accounts. These include Traditional IRA's, 401(k) Rollovers, Roth IRA's, and SEP IRA's.


Our team can manage a number of non-retirement accounts. These include Individual Accounts, Joint Accounts, Trust Accounts, and 529 College Savings Plans.


Through our relationship with established Venture Capital Firms and Hedge Funds, we are able to invest in entrepreneurs across the lifecycle of their businesses who are tackling big problems and shaking up industries. Our clients have unique access to attractive investment opportunities structured to generate strong rates of return. We leverage our relationship with VC's to find attractive investment opportunities in private companies, typically in their Series C and D rounds. This provides our clients with the opportunity to achieve higher rates of return, greater diversification, superior growth, and to precisely address their unique goals. Investors have long invested in the private markets as a complement to their public exposure, as growth and returns in the private market have outpaced those in the public. 

Sub-Advisory services

For Registered Investment Advisory Firms (RIA's) or Family Offices looking to outsource their investment management we can act as a sub-advisor for those firms that custody their assets at TD Ameritrade. 

Estate Planning

Estate Planning can no doubt be a challenge, but it could also be the most important piece of the puzzle. Great estate planning coupled with great investment management is a recipe for success. Forecast's in-house expertise is complemented by our strong relationships with outstanding independent partners. Our clients know that we can quickly create a team of experts to suite virtually any financial need. Our Investment Management team works alongside the attorneys to ensure their advice is aligned with your overall financial goals. This provides our clients with a team of experts that work to create a cohesive investment and estate plan.

Financial Planning

Forecast Capital Management believes in the power of financial planning. We recommend that everyone take the time to understand their current financial picture, discuss all personal and financial goals, and have a living document guiding them on their way to achieving their dreams.

Financial planning involves looking at your entire financial picture. We will start by analyzing your short and long term, personal and financial goals, while taking into account important financial strategies. Your financial plan will give you the confidence needed to maximize your life’s goals by effectively managing investments, taxes,  insurance, and estate plans. This document is organic and based on changes in your life which will help guide your financial decisions. 

A financial plan will help clarify your financial goals and hold you accountable. Your financial plan will provide step-by-step guidance on how to achieve your goals while helping you take charge of your income, expenses and investments.This will lead to a solid financial foundation while lessening the stress of money. Your financial plan will organize your finances in one central place allowing you to continually reference your comprehensive plan. 

Risk Management SOlutions

Your wealth advisor will collaborate with our risk management team to offer recommendations around personal insurance planning including adding life, disability and long-term care insurance when needed to help ensure your level of protection aligns with your goals for protecting your family and your assets today and beyond.

We understand you have specific asset accumulation, protection and transfer goals. That is why we focus on common-sense design, review and implementation of insurance solutions.

Winning has its own language, and it doesn't speak bullsh*t.

-Tim S. Grover