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Educate. Invest. Strategize.


At Forecast, our approach to investing is centered around safety-first, Modern Portfolio Design (MPD). There’s a need to diversify outside of asset classes alone. Modern Portfolio Design (MPD) uses multiple managers, multiple methodologies, multiple strategies, multiple time frames, and multiple asset classes in order to diversify in today's modern markets. All strategies, managers, and methodologies fall out of favor and underperform at certain times, but that does not mean your portfolio has to. By using the MPD approach you are setting the stage for consistent, long-term results. Although volatility can’t be avoided, it can be mitigated while participating in bull markets and preserving capital during severe market downturns.


To educate, invest, and strategize alongside our clients to reach every milestone of their journey through life and beyond.

Looking For An Investment Manager?

Not only do we manage accounts for individuals and businesses, but we also manage money for Registered Investment Advisory Firms. Give us a call and let's chat!

Services We Provide

We creatively design and implement investment portfolios using our Modern Portfolio Design technique.


Our team can manage a number of qualified retirement accounts. These include Traditional IRA's, 401(k) Rollovers, Roth IRA's, and SEP IRA's.


Our team can manage a number of non-retirement accounts. These include Individual Accounts, Joint Accounts, Trust Accounts, and 529 College Savings Plans.

Small Company 401(k) Plans

Fees are something we obsess over, especially in retirement plans. Retirement plans do not have to be complicated or expensive. Most business owners just want a retirement plan with great investment management, transparent fees, and easy online enrollment. That's what we provide! We can provide a comparison on our plan versus your current plan or we can run a fee analysis on the current investments and show you ways we can eliminate the majority of those fees while maintaining a well-diversified portfolio. We can help eradicate fees and put you and your employees on the proper path to retirement.

Portfolio Consultations

We provide comprehensive portfolio reviews from an unbiased perspective. Our team will review your current portfolio for optimal fee structure, risk, and performance. Forecast Capital Management works as a third party consultant, giving us the flexibility to offer an unbiased second opinion on your current portfolio and how it might be improved or better positioned. A free "Second Opinion" report will be generated providing you an in-depth look at your current portfolio holdings. Just click on the button below. It only takes a few minutes!

Estate Planning

Estate Planning can no doubt be a challenge, but it could also be the most important piece of the puzzle. Great estate planning coupled with great investment management is a recipe for success. Forecast's in-house expertise is complemented by our strong relationships with outstanding independent partners. Our clients know that we can quickly create a team of experts to suite virtually any financial need. Our Investment Management team works alongside the attorneys to ensure their advice is aligned with your overall financial goals. This provides our clients with a team of experts that work to create a cohesive investment and estate plan.