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Email Sent to Clients on March 13, 2020

Over the course of the last week, we have had a lot of interest by prospective clients on how we communicate our views on the market with our current clients. During this crash we have been in constant communication with our clients via email discussing what we are seeing. We have been extremely diligent in sticking with the data when making portfolio changes. We don't make decisions based on "feel" or moving averages. We make decisions based on measuring and mapping global data. As such, we have been very tactical in our investment decisions as this market crashed. In the email below, we are providing a glimpse into our client communication. Our data has provided us with insight that not many other firms acted upon or saw coming. We called the interest rate cut a couple days before it occurred. We called the break in Treasury Bonds and Gold. This email is timestamped and some personal information has been redacted.