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What Happens When Mobile (Really) Hits the Wallet?

What will your wallet look like in the future? Well, it most certainly won't be a billfold made of leather. a16Z goes through a scenario where your digital wallet becomes your personal financial management tool. Your checking account, credit cards, insurance, loans, etc will all be transacted through your digital wallet. What if you could transfer a balance on a high interest credit card almost instantaneously to a bank that charges a much lower rate without having to go through the headache of filling out paperwork? What if you could get a better rate on your car insurance without having to go through a broker where the companies find you? What if you didn't have to manually bookkeep your business checking account or personal checking account where you see level 3 data and it is automatically kept in order? This video goes through what your digital wallet may look like very soon. Enjoy!

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